One by-product (not always good) of a busy law-practice is that time can fly by. Sometimes it is as if you sit down at your desk in the morning and, the next time you look up, the sky is darkening and you are trying to remember if you ate lunch at any point during the day. Not only can hours fly by, but days, weeks, and months too. That was why when I sat down to write this blog-post, the fact that we are now well into March was front and center in my mind. And it did not hurt that, from where I sit, can see daffodils blooming all over, with tulips not too far behind. Spring is definitely on its way, making me wonder how and why it seems like the New Year arrived only days ago.

There are a number of reasons that time has been flying by for me. In addition to my law practice in Seattle and Port Townsend, I have (as previously noted) been teaching Food Law and Policy at Seattle University School of Law. As part of that course, the students have been writing blog-posts, nearly all of them impressive beyond belief. Starting next week, I will be posting some of my favorite student blog-posts here for your enjoyment and edification. The range of topics that student chose to write about surprised and pleased me. Several blog-posts took highly personal approaches, including my favorite one, which began by telling about a favorite birthday meal her mother would prepare, one involving ground beef, and how learning more about the meat industry and its practice ended up making her decide to be a vegetarian, thus no longer allowing her to have that favorite meal on her birthday anymore. Other students wrote about craft distilleries, GMO-labeling, marketing food to children, and the challenge of exporting geoducks to China.  The list could go on; however, suffice it for me to say that I think you will be as surprised and pleased as I was.

One of the other things that has kept me additionally busy was working on a new law review article, the one that will be published by Seattle University Law Review for its symposium volume. The Re-Tooling Food Laws symposium was a big success, and my presentation went well. This is what the first slide of my PowerPoint looked like (and so you can see the title to my presentation.




My law review article,which I need to get back to working on, having received the first round of comments from the editors, is called “Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain: Concealment and Revelation and the Question of Food Safety; OR, How “Pink Slime” Tells You All You Need to Know About Food in the United States.” Given the relatively short amount of time I had to work on the article, I am proud of how it is coming along. And with any luck (and some hard work), the article will be done by the time the tulips are blooming. I just hope my next blog-post is not titled, And It’s Already November.