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  • 31Jan

    @Delta Here you go.

  • 31Jan

    @Delta GXQ4I8. Just did 1st Class Sea-JFK. G7KDXN. Much better service, esp. on return. To HNL, service surly & uns…

  • 31Jan

    @Delta Paid $2K for first class ticket on 6 hour flight to Hawaii. Woo hoo. Horrible service. Lifer-flight-attendan…

  • 14Jul

    Didn't know grief causes pure idiocy. Sad. Many children die tragically. But now USA must pay price of incredible n…

  • 28Jun

    Good Journalism Requires Clarity, Accuracy via @TPM And why @danabashcnn is not a good journalist.

  • 23Jun

    What article ignores is red state spatial predominance is built upon a foundation of poverty, poor health, addictio…

  • 19May event in Port Townsend.

  • 13May

    So true. Such a ridiculous elimination. @altonbrown should be embarrassed.

  • 14Mar

    RT @aglawllm: Our thanks to Denis Stearns for a great class in food safety litigation! @denisstearns @bmarler

  • 09Feb