Practice Areas

When a law firm refers to its “practice areas,” what it is really trying to say is, “these are the kinds of cases that we can handle based on the kinds of cases that we have handled in the past.” Although you will see that Denis has over twenty years of experience in  handling cases that involve contaminated food, those cases involved all kinds of issues, including torts (personal injury), contract law (including breach of warranty), government liability, public records law, administrative agencies, non-profit organizations, board of directors and governance issues, and many other kinds of legal issues. As an attorney who has been in charge of complicated (and some not so complicated) lawsuits filed in both state and federal court, Denis knows his way around a courtroom and, more importantly, how to create solutions that get a client to the desired destination. In short, Denis is a highly successful problem-solver. To get a better idea of his numerous successes, please take some time to review the many cases that he has worked on over the years. And, of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Advising & Supporting Non-Profit Organizations

In addition to supportive work like incorporating as a non-profit corporation and obtaining 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, Denis brings a wealth of experience in the non-profit realm, having served for nine years on the Board of Directors of Bailey-Boushay House,, and currently serving on the Board of Directors of Lifelong, He is eager to offer education, advice, and legal support for your organization, and he is willing to do so based on the resources available at whatever point the organization is in its current development. Just as Denis wants to work with for-profit businesses from the ground up, his commitment to community is such that helping non-profits is one of the things he values most highly. It will cost you nothing to speak to him to find out how he might help your organization grow, avoid future challenges, or address existing challenges. Some of the most important work he can do is educational, providing seminars or workshops for existing boards, or meeting with groups thinking of starting a non-profit.

Representing the Injured and Damaged

For going on twenty years, Denis has represented individuals who have suffered a whole host of different kinds of wrongs, from personal injury to contract disputes. For all cases involving personal injury, whether it be a simple car accident or a complicated defective product case, Denis will work on what is called a “contingency basis.” That means that he will take your case based on a written agreement that you owe attorney fees if and only if he is able to obtain a recovery for you. The costs of the case come out of the recovery too, but only at the end, and only once the firm has achieved your goals, and you have given your consent to the proposed settlement or solution. We are happy to provide you with a draft of our standard fee agreement. In most cases, you will find that we are willing to take on your case based on terms more favorable than most. And there is never any cost for consulting on your case. Denis believes that one of the most important services that he provides is to help you decide IF you need an attorney. He will never try to convince you that you have a case if there is a way for you to resolve the issue on your own, or if the likelihood of success does not justify the possible cost of proceeding. The honest truth is what you deserve and the honest truth is what Denis will give you.

Business Consulting

In addition to handling cases on behalf of injured persons, Denis has years of experience working with businesses, big and small, in all kinds of different areas. He has been giving presentations to companies in the food industries for years on issues of liability and risk exposure. He has handled all kinds of business and contract disputes, and is knowledgeable about the special challenges faced by restaurants and the hospitality industry, including regulatory disputes and other problems that arise from government inspection. Denis can work on an hourly basis, or for a flat-fee, depending on the problem to be solved. All fees are negotiable and on a sliding-scale. Just because you are a small business with no budget for an attorney, Denis is willing to work with you as your business grows. And if that means offering some free (pro bono) advice in the early stages of your business, that is something Denis is more than willing to do. Do not risk a small problem becoming a big and expensive problem by not seeking the advice you need early on.

Our Fees (if any)

It will never cost you anything to speak initially to Denis by phone, or to meet with him to discuss your situation. People deserve to understand options before deciding to retain an attorney. Denis does not believe that cost should be a hurdle to obtaining the legal services a person needs. Denis has done hundreds and hundreds of hours of free legal work over the years, in part, because he believes that everyone deserves competent legal representation. If you do not think that you can afford an attorney, you should at least talk to Denis to see if that is really true. Not having an attorney when you need one can end up costing you way more than you think.

Pro Bono (Free) and Reduced Fee Work for Farmers and Food Artisans

Because of his special interest in food and agriculture, and a commitment to local food systems (as shown by his membership on the Jefferson County Food System Council), Denis is interested in providing low-cost (or free) legal advice and representation to farmers and food artisans in Jefferson County. Denis has extensive knowledge and experience in this area, including knowledge of the FDA regulations that will soon apply to small farms. You can watch him present on the impact of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) during a panel presentation at Harvard Law School that occurred earlier this year.